Dongguan Dechuang Hardware Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan dechuang hardware co., LTD, established in 2006, is located in Chang 'an Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, near shenzhen, with convenient transportation by sea, land and air. 

We specialize in production and sale of precision stainless steel series, copper and copper alloy series, aluminum and aluminum alloy series metal raw materials. 

We can provide coil, bar, plate , pipe ,strip and other materials of different shapes according to customers' requirements,can also customize hardware parts for customers. 

The company has rich experience in the sales of metal raw materials, can be customized according to customer requirements, but also according to the actual needs of customers to provide solutions. 

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification system, all products through SGS environmental certification, with rich experience in quality control and perfect after-sales service system. 

The company is equipped with spectrum analyzer, vickers hardness tester, salt spray tester and other precision testing instruments, and strict implementation of ROHS international environmental standards. 

The company has a long - term stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other conventional stock, complete specifications, stable quality.

Company to high - quality products, superior prices and flexible business services. Our products are not only sold in all provinces and cities in China, but also sold well in Europe, America, the Middle East and other overseas regions. 

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2.1 紫銅系列,C1100(T2) , C1020(T1) , C1200 , C1220 等。

2.2 黃銅系列,H59 , H62(C2800) , H65(C2680) , H68(C2620) , H70 (C2600) H90(C2200)等 。

2.3 鈹銅系列,C17200 , C17500 等。

2.4 磷銅系列,C5191(CuSn6) , C5210(CuSn8) 等。

2.5 白銅系列,C7521(CuNi8Zn20) , C7701(CuNi8Zn27) 等。 

3,鋁系列,純鋁 1050 , 1060 , 1100 。鋁合金 3003 , 4003 , 5005 ,5052 , 5083 , 6061 , 6063 , 7075 等。